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  • 1. Install the cooker in a dry, well ventilated room.
  • 2. Ensure the cooker is positioned on a firm level base and correctly balanced.
  • 3. Ensure there are no flammable or combustible materials close to the cooker such as curtains, clothing or oil.
  • 4. Check that worktop and furniture surrounding the cooker are made of materials which are resistant to temperatures above 100°C.
  • 5. If the cupboards in the kitchen are higher than the top of the hob, ensure there is at least 100mm away from the sides of the cooker for air circulation.
  • 6. Ensure there is at least 20mm distance between the back wall and the cooker.
  • 7. Any fitted extractor fan must be at least 650mm above the hob.
  • 8. If no extractor fan is fitted, the minimum distance between the hob and any cabinet must be at least 700mm.
  • 9.

    Ensure there is at least 420mm distance from any storage device above the cooker.