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  • 1. Ensure the washing machine is positioned on non-slippery, flat, firm ground.

    Caution: Never put wooden blocks or similar items under the washing machine to balance irregularities in the floor level.

  • 2.

    Check if the washing machine is level using a spirit level.

    Check the level both side to side and front to back.

  • 3.

    Try rocking the washing machine to see if it wobbles.

    The washing machine may sit level but not have the feet firmly on the floor, causing a wobble when in use.
  • 4.

    To adjust the feet you will need to tilt the washing machine backwards for access.

    Caution: The washing machine is heavy, so you may require assistance to move and lift it.

  • 5. Your washing machine feet may have locking nuts. Rotate the locking nut anti-clockwise to loosen.
  • 6.

    Rotate the foot upwards and downwards to the desired height.

  • 7.

    If you washing machine has locking nuts, rotate the nut clock-wise to secure the foot height.

  • 8. Lower the washing machine and check that it’s level using a spirit level.
  • 9.

    Try rocking the machine again to check it’s stable.

  • 10.

    Push the washing machine back into place.